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Who am I?

I’m a very happy and lucky person!

I have a great family and despite they’re far away from me right now I know I can always count on them. I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful son. We are happy to see each other every day. We are healthy and safe. We have food to eat, home to live in, friends to lean on. I’m surrounded with great people I can proudly call my friends. I have all I need. In addition to all these good things, I’m also able to follow my passion. I’m starting my photography business and I’m so happy and excited about it. I’m one of the people who can say ” I love what I do”. Each day I learn how to share my happiness with others. Giving and sharing with other people makes my life so much better.

  • Jackie - Ania,

    Your photography is beautiful!!! Your pictures are so alive, and captivating. I have enjoyed looking through all your wonderful works of art. I wish you much success in turning this talent into a prosperous business, many people will be blessed by your work.

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