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The ANTI-workshop

It was a very good idea to attend the ANTI-workshop in Vegas this year. Boutwells and Coopers are great people, talented photographers, and helpful teachers. They did such a good job. The workshop was fun, interesting, and educational. They shared with us their knowledge and experience, and gave us a lot of good advice. They supported their talk with their pictures, so we could easily see what they were talking about and how certain things work for them. They all approach photography differently and have different styles so we had an opportunity to see different ways of photographing similar events, like weddings for example. They uncouraged us to choose our own way of capturing world and to not be afraid of being different from others. Thank you Chenin, Doug, Dalisa and John for showing us your passion and love for photography and for all the inspiration.I also met a lot of talented photographers. You were all so nice and friendly! I wish I wasn’t so shy and I could get to know you better. I hope our paths cross again one day.What I liked a lot about the workshop is that we had an opportunity to shoot with other photographers and talk about the pictures we took. It was fun.

Here are some pictures of Lauren from the second day of shooting:

Thank you Lauren for being patient with us:-)

On the last day we were watching Chenin, Doug and John shooting at the Boneyard – it’s a graveyard for old neons. Great place for pictures! We were all trying to get some nice shots of Lauren and Bryan, also.
Chenin in action:

Doug showing us his lighting:

John explains his posing techniques:

A couple of my pics:

The same day I met with a few photographers for a photo session of Eliesa and Judd. Eliesa is a photographer and was also attending a workshop. She is so fun and always happy and smiling. I had a good time with you guys, thanks for being such a great models!
Here is a few pics of the photographers I met with:
Josh Solar :

Claire Wilson from Ireland:

Greg Bumatay:

Emily DeWan:

Eliesa and Judd:

Josh Solar - I’m loving the first shot on here, and the one of Eliesa and Judd where he’s kissing her. Awesome stuff!

It was awesome meeting you, and I wish we had more time to chat. I’m sure we’ll see each other one day:)

John LaVere - Every week you show something totally new. I can’t wait to see where you go from here.

Greg Bumatay - These are all lovely images! I love the 2nd shot of Lauren – great composition and design. I also love the second to last shot of Eliesa and Judd on the walkway – awesome use of leading lines! Great meeting you at the workshop and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work.


Claire - Wow, you got some fantastic shots from the week! I love so many of them. It was great to get to meet you and spend some time with you, I’m looking forward to seeing you do really well.

Best lesson from Vegas

The most important lesson I learned in Vegas is that in order to be successful, good, and happy with the work I’m going to create I have to find myself. Find out who I am, what kind of photography I love the most and what kind of pictures I want to make. I want my photography to reflect the true me. So before I start my photography journey I will sit down and think. Think about what I love and what is my passion. I know that when I find the answer I’ll be able to fulfill my dreams and realize myself through my work. I think my trip to Vegas and my participation in the ANTI-workshop will be a turning point for me . I’m glad I did it just at the very beginning of my photography career. I was often shy and self conscious during the trip, but it was a best thing I could do for myself. It opened my eyes and made me think about so many things. Thank you!